Line art
Color 2D
works in progress

Color image from working title, "How I met the Three Bears!" as told by Goldie Locks. Dummy with color sketches available soon.
Color sketch from working title "He is coming" a nativity story as told by Mary. Dummy and color sketches available.
Color Concept Page from, " Gummy by Gummy" a children picture book showing and telling how a baby grows week by week before it is born. Color Dummy available upon request. Changes will be gladly made upon contractual request.
A Young child's drawing book showing step by step how to draw dinosaurs. Ages 4 and up. Dummy available soon.
"Ready Teddy"  Concept Book teaching children how to play outside. Character sketch, dummy can be ready upon request.
Ready Teddy has a second title "Ready Teddy" goes to school and learns about true friendship.
Line art and character sketches for dummy of "Ready Teddy Play outside!"
Dot and Scot learn to Draw a drawing adventure for little learners. Dummy and powerpoint PDF available upon request.
Scott and Dot  also have a second adventure woking title, "Dot draw the farm" for little learners as well. Powerpoint pdf available.
"Bunny Hop" a board book. Funny Bunny teacher baby concept like over under around and through.
Character sketches for "Funny Bunny" of "Bunny Hop".
"Team Work" an Artosaurus Adventure. A group of friends learn how to handle a bully and the true meaning of friendship. Dummy sketches available color sketches as well. 2-d watercolor sketches or 3d models your choice.
Works in Progress