Baby Saint and friend
"Jesus Loves me!" "He loves you too!"
"Wait for Me!"
Jump for joy
"Who Me?"
"The Joy of the Lord!"
"Catch me if you can!"
"Look at me!"
Sitting with Jesus Sketches for a friends manuscript submitted to her publisher on speculation.
Twenty two little one to two inch bears pencil then pen drawings of our little pal Ready teddy and his puppy Ned.
Eighteen one to two inch pencil sketches of our pal Ready Teddy and his little pal Ned.
quick animal sketches
Pencil sketches of action poses for "Bunny Hop" a concept book full of hopping fun.
Scans of Goldie meets the three bears sketches for dummy.
Scan of second set of sketches for Goldie meets the three bears.
Line work for a children's dinosaur drawing book currently titled Dino Draw, could lie wordless or have simple steps in text.
Panel sketches from work in progress picture book currently titles " Team Work and Artosaurus Adventure"  about  group of friends who are bullied and together they teach the bully a lesson about friendship. Currently in Dummy stage with plans to either create the pages in watercolor pencil or 3-d,
Rough Character Sketches / Thumbnails/ and Dummy Pages
Line art
Color 2D
works in progress