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Easy Drawing book for children.
Characters Scott and Dot Draw things they see using basic shapes. 
2D Digital power point Dummy available.
Dot Draws the farm also available as a Powerpoint pdf Dummy.
An Easy Drawing Book for children. Dummy available.
"Lion" watercolor pencil sketch
Wolf will lie down with the lambs and the Leopard will lie down with the kids. Watercolor pencil sketch.
"Mittens the Super Kitten" Cover concept for a children's Graphic Novel idea about a Super Hero Kitten and his side kick "Gentle Man" who's super powers of niceness are only activated when he is holding Mittens!
The Bear will lie down with the calf Part of the peaceful kingdom. Watercolor pencil sketch.
little girl and goat. Watercolor paint pencils.
Fantasy Land Sketch for Illustration class. Watercolor Pencil sketch. 
Bird-dog, Horsefly, Cat-fish characters all live here.
Color page for a  submission on spec. Watercolor paint on Arches 300 pound watercolor paper.
Reddy Teddy a character who teachers children how to play out doors. He and his puppy Petey.
Ready has a second story as  he goes on an adventure as a 3d clay model on his first day of school and meets new friends and learns about true friendship.
2D Digital and Watercolor Pencil and paint works