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                                   3-D traditional mixed media, stop-motion illustration. 
               All figures are hand made, photographed, and edited in Photoshop by the artist.                                              Most figures are 1" scale and fit doll house furniture and are posable.

Line art
Color 2D
works in progress

Terribly tickly tummy!
Double page spread assignment
Wooly Squirts
Double page spread assignment
Shepherds Meet Jesus!
Bunny Hop
Cover idea for a toddler
Concept Picture book
The Lion shall lie down with the lambs!
Concept illustration
Dino Draw a cover concept for a children's How to draw Dinosaurs!
Mixed media cover, black and white how to draw book.
Stable animals meet Jesus
Double page spread concept for a Picture book
Merry-go-Round Horse
experimental watercolor background
for my sculpt
Little Foxes at the den
coin for scale
Fear Not!
We have tidings of great joy!
Concept spread for picture book
Buddy wants to play!
Monkey wants to play!
Goofy Goldfish
Froggy likes Flies!
"Goldie meets the three bears"

Page concept for picture book I have
written and illustrated. 

Rough sketch dummy available soon
Crazy Fun on the play ground!
Stop Motion Illustration children and pets. New series.